Monday, 24 November 2014


A great man of GOD once said, that your vision/calling must be bigger than you! And I have found it so true. Patience is all it takes for your handwork to start yielding great fruits.  And for you to know  that you have truly found your calling, I have below these points I got from my research:

IT IS BIGGER THAN YOU:  Your calling must be so big that without a team of people, you cannot complete it on your own. 

IT IS FAMILIAR:  It comes not just by looking forward to what you will do but by also looking back at what you have done.

IT IS SOMETHING OTHER PEOPLE SEE IN YOU: Sometimes, our skills are most obvious to those who know us best!

IT IS CHALLENGING: It must be difficult enough that not anyone can do it

IT REQUIRES FAITH: You cannot explain it. It must be mysterious. 

IT IS MORE THAN JUST ONE THING: It will integrate well with the rest of your life, not competing with, but complementing your top priorities.

IT TAKES TIME: You must walk in the right direction, with the right resources and back ups to find it.


Laura Nwodo said...

Exactly what I needed to stay focused on my dreams. Amazingly glorious (if there's a thing like that lol). But truly excited. !! Thanks Dear Nemz for this!! Xx

Chinemerem Ifeoluwa said...

Awwww...Am glad a great woman like you finds my article refreshing. Thank you dear laura. It keeps getting better and better.