Saturday, 29 November 2014



I had a very long and emotional talk about life generally with an older friend of mine today, who is a nurse. We talked about how people had lived all their lives pursuing and living other people's dreams rather than theirs. She told me that she had seen a lot of old people die and that the moments were usually very scary. She said what surprised her was that most of them had a lot in common which was "regrets". My friend is so loving and passionate with her job, she goes out of her way to do more for her patients, which made them have so much confidence and trust in  her, that they confined in her. My friend was pushed to asked them what their regrets were, and I was so shocked at what they said. It is good to make hays while the sun shines. GOD has given us the wisdom to live life to the fullest, we only need to ask HIM and HE will direct our paths. By so, we would live a fulfilled life, not a life of regret.

Here were what they said:

I wish I had stayed in touch with my very good friends. I was so busy with my own life that I did not place so much importance to them, so I lost them.

I wish I never bottled up a lot of things. I regreted not expressing my feelings- love, hate, anger, bitterness, gratitude, sympathy, appreciation, etc.

I regreted not appreciating myself more, not loving myself more and not treating myself with so much relevance.

I wish I had pursued my dreams. 

I wish I had said NO when I needed to say NO. 

I wish I had said YES when I needed to say YES. 

I wish I had listened to my parents. 

I wish I had listened to my husband/wife. 

I wish I knew GOD earlier. 

I wish I gave my children the best.

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Ifeoluwa Ajayi said...

Regret is a terrible thing.