Sunday, 30 November 2014



I Just want to share with you ladies a few of my findings regarding relationships. My findings might sound familiar to you, but trust me, it is worth taking into serious consideration. An adage says "all that glitters is not gold". And the truth is that we women, GOD has given us the special grace to decipher "anything", but most times we are beclouded by our emotions, which causes us to make the wrong choice at the end of the day. GOD uses any means HE so chooses to reach out to us. And I want to believe that GOD might be reaching out to someone through this platform. You might have to consider your relationship if you notice these followings:

When he runs from taking responsibilities.

When he jokes about every single thing and avoids a serious conversation about you two.

When he allows you to keep paying the bills whenever you go out on a date with him..

When he brags about the wealth of his father and how many connections he has.

When he does not listen to you or cares about what you say.

When you are not proud of him in public.

When all you two do is have fun and party all the time.

When he tells you frankly that he is not ready to get married or have kids.

When he picks on you at any little provocation or When he hates your guts.

When he tells you "you are over ambitious".

When he tells you that he does not like your sibling.

When there is lack of trust.

When two of you do not have the same religious background and faith. 

When he is always beating and hurting you emotionally. 

When you two are always quareling over everything and finding it hard to understand each other or let go. 

When the relationship is not making you a better person. 

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