Thursday, 27 November 2014



Just one decision you make concerning your life can bring about your desired victory. The decision you make today is very important to your future. 

The crowd will never decide for u. Something in you must distinguish you from the entire world and that is your decision.  For you to make the right decision,  you must know the mind of HE who is right. Your decision must be in line with GODs' will. 

Make your life relevant. Begin your success story by making the right decision.  Your decision will target your destiny and bring it to fulfilment. Let us make the right decision to chart the course of our lives. 

You need not concern yourself with what people will say. Your decision must cost you something. For example, when you make the hard decision to leave a bad relationship, when you quit some habits that had affected your life and that of your loved ones negatively etc. 

When your life goes well, Kings will come to the brightness of your rising. While the reverse is the case when you fail to make right decision that will catapult your life to enjoy the good life GOD has called you to live. 

May GOD help us to make the right decision  and keep it!