Saturday, 21 March 2015


The bible says, when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing and that he obtains favour from GOD. This means that when a man gets married, he automatically becomes favoured both in the sight of GOD and man. That is where you see a man who didn't have anything before getting married begins to succeed and get better, and the rich ones get richer. Well as sweet as this sounds, this promise comes with a price. Oh yes, it does! Of course, the promise does not include men who cheat on their wives,  treat them badly,  ignore their wives wise counsel etc. Yes someone might be saying "oh no Neme,  I know of men who treat their wives badly and yet they are doing well. The truth is, there is always a day of reckoning for those men. Have you not heard of "from grace to grass"? Or stuff lke "this man used to be very wealthy? And more?  That is always the case. And like the Bible says, we should not envy the wicked when they prosper,  because they will come crashing down. 

So dear friends, If you have a wife, trust me, she is your access code to greatness only if you know how to activate "the code". Do not treat the wife GOD has given you badly and expect to find the favour GOD talks about. The very moment you married your wife, you signed up for being responsible to her. So if eventually your sweet wife has turned bitter, then you might have to find out where you missed it. 

I wish you all the best!!!!

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