Monday, 30 March 2015


Dear Parents, always pay attention to whatever your chlid(ren) wants to tell you,  no matter how busy or tired you are. By doing so, you are letting your children know they come first before any other thing-yes children are that sensitive. They will hold you in high esteem and will not hesitate to let you into their world.  They will share their feelings and thoughts with you and as their role model, they will always expect you to tell them the right thing to do. 

Most parents made the mistake of shutting their children out all in the name of discipline.  But that sure is a wrong way to discipline a child. Listen earnestly to what your child is saying,  because if you do not listen to the little things when they are little,  they will not tell you the big things when they are big. Every single attention you pay to a child matters alot in forming him/her. 

Let us be wise.

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