Sunday, 15 March 2015


Although the song we sang childishly "who sat and watched my infant head, when sleeping on my cradle bed, and  tears of sweet affection Mother" didn't communicate as much meaning as it does today, the value of a good mother transcends cradle bed metaphor. 

The combination of having a mother stand by me and being a mother impacts a great deal on my psychic and leaves me on a balanced rational platform to communicate the relevance of a Godly mother. 

Happy mothers day to all the mothers who have truly lived out the essence of motherhood through consistent grooming that sets a child on the right path towards a fulfilling life. Most of the time, our mothers seem to control our lives in so many ways they are not even aware of; this behaviour is manifested on the premise of the genuine care and will for us to make the right choices in life. 

As we celebrate the motherly figures in our lives either as a wife, or mother, or legal guardian, our part of the process is to reciprocate their good will by praying and supporting them in simple and complex circumstances.  

This good will message is inclusive of mothers who have made terrible mistakes in the cause of events with regard to the way relationship with their children turned out. We celebrate you as you take the bold step in rewriting the wrongs and making the necessary adjustments that will set the ball rolling in the right direction once again...even if you don't succeed in correcting all wrongs, it will be seen that your courage has overruled your fears.

Happy mothers day to all mothers across the world...from Africa to America, to Asia, to all parts of Europe and the world at large.

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