Saturday, 14 March 2015


Each time I watch National Geographic Channel, I see different living creatures live and take control of territories and saturate the environment with their presence which you can feel from quite a distance. Another important behavioural pattern which is very common is about their style of association. Apart from the fact that it's a catastrophic circumstance to find sheep in the midst of a coalition of Lions, it's a dent on the ego of the Lion which leaves the sheep in a helpless state....very helpless. 

Another interesting thing about the sea creatures like the fishes and dolphins is how they manifest and entertain viewers in a habitat that is uncomfortable for a lot of creatures. Fishes are created to function in water irrespective of the storm and change in weather, eagles are designed to soar and move into higher torrents, the child of God who knows his right in Christ is meant to record continuous winnings irrespective of the challenges of life.  

One of the things that will make you experience consistent win is when you discover the environment that is critical for the display of your abilities. This environment comprises of a clear understanding of your interests and how those interests can be converted to value. There is something in you that will benefit the world around you which hasn't been tapped into. It's easy to commonize it and have more value for an ability or dexterity that someone else has. We can never appreciate the fullness of who we are and what we have been richly blessed with if we continue to shift our attention from discovering ourselves to mundane activities.

Haven't you taken time to point out the complexities that stand you out even without uttering a word? That's a confirmation  that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You might have noticed that people are careful when they deal with you...they might call u sensitive, or probably use an adjective that doesn't resonate with your perception about you, that is a good opportunity to see a part of you which hasn't been tapped into. Convert that finding into value by looking for a need it will solve...on that premise, you never can tell if you are on your way to building a fortune 500 company. 

Every component of who we are is critical to addressing a societal and cultural need...everything rises and falls on what we are looking at and how we see these things. Your life is destined to experience untold increase irrespective of the storms of life. Haven't you noticed how eager and efficacy with which the cloud empties itself when it's saturated? That's how mighty the fall of your life circumstances will be if you keep holding on to the right confessions that are in sync with the provisions available to you are a child of destiny.

Don't give up on yourself...Go for goal...

Photo credit : Denis Doyle/Getty Images

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