Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Life is not all about you trying to get it all.  It's about going all the way...going the extra miles to reach out to someone.  I hear friends say, "am so busy,  I actually had you in mind but I keep forgetting to call" and so many seemingly reasonable excuses.  If actually that person had been on your mind, isn't it as simple as putting every other thing on hold and reaching out to the person.  The truth is, no matter how busy or tight your schedule is,  no matter the deadline you must meet, know that those things can never be as important as having someone who will be there when the world comes crashing down on you.  I always believe that you must love people and use things, but it is too bad to know that the world we live in now is all about using people and loving things. To have someone to lean on In trying times is a precious gift.  Do not take that friendship for granted. There is always a day of reckoning and as the scripture says "do unto others what you wish them to do unto you.  Let's cherish our "good" friends because,  they are very hard to come by. If you are lucky to meet a true friend, treat them right and do not take them for granted.  Do not strain a good relationship by taking one for granted. There is always a limit that one can go....True Friendship is golden!!!

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Laura Nwodo said...

I value friendship a lot. A lot of so called friends have let me down so there's a garrison around my heart Now, the ones that have stayed true to our friendship I've given and will continue to give my 100% loyalty.In all trueness when you have a true friend it is sweet.Thanks to God who is an ever dependable friend and my beloved husband who I am free to be myself around. Lovely post dear Neme. X