Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I wish you all a beautiful, happy, joyous, blessed, fun filled month! I have a feeling that you all are going to have cause to laugh excessively this month, because something good is about to happen  to you in this celebration season! 

On this note, let me quickly tell you something that will be of great help to you. There is every likelihood for depression to set it at this time as a result of not meeting your set goals. I can relate with you. The year is just few days away to wrap up! Flashing back to 31st of December, 2014 with all the high expectations we had for 2015, it seemed like nothing happened! It is very normal to start asking yourself"am I ok?", "what is wrong with me? if by now, i barely achieved nothing!" And then depression sets in! 

Please dear friend, do not give in to depression! It will only worsen the situation by making you feel hopeless! Give thanks to GOD that you are alive, then every other thing in due time will fall into place for you! I myself have not gotten there yet, but I am not giving up! I keep telling myself that, better to lose count while naming my blessings than to lose your blessings to counting my trouble! I wrote trouble without(s) because one trouble has the ability of magnifying itself when we feed it with worry!

The year is coming to an end, not your life! No matter what may want to trigger depression, be it alcohol or drug abuse or break up with your fiance or fiancee or failing a class, death or acute illness of a loved one, divorce, childhood abuse or neglect, job loss,  disappointments, crashed or delayed expectations, poor supply of power and other basic needs etc, still choose to stay strong! 

The antidote to falling into depression is chanelling your thoughts towards all the good things that GOD has done for you! 

It is amazing how much you will lose counts naming your blessings! It is difficult to come out of depression, so isn't it best for you to do all you can to stay out of it? Depression is not worth it my dear friend! Your life is way too important to GOD and to the world, than allowing yourself to be a prisoner of depression! 

Keep your hopes alive! Good things still happen in the midst of seemingly bad situations! 

Enjoy this month from the beginning to the end! Cheers to a joyous December!!!!

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