Saturday, 19 December 2015


What are those obstacles standing in your way? Is it your past mistakes, failures, hard experiences? Use them as fuel for a forward progress! 

Let me give you an instance. When you are driving and you sight a road block ahead of you, what do you do? You start planning on how to manoeuvre the road blocks isn't it? That is also what these obstacles are for. You make mistakes so you can learn that there is always a better way and that helps you to think out the best way! 

If you made a mistake and you are still blaming yourself, then it means you never learnt anything-you have not yet seen your mistakes as a big lesson! 

Until you start seeing your mistakes as a lesson, you will continue to fail! But when you see your mistakes, failures as a lesson, you will want to carefully learn your lessons, find out where and why you failed, and then you will begin to strategically make plans for a big come-back! 

Use your obstacles, do not let your obstacles use you! Never let yourself become a victim of your past mistakes and failures, instead see them as opportunity to get wiser, know and become a better person! 

A former colleague of mine would always say, "If there were no obstacles, one would become extremely stupid". How true!

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