Saturday, 21 January 2017


The healing of our wounds does not depend on those external actions we take such as working harder, eating healthier, or studying longer hours and more. Healing is not wounds of the body, but of the soul. That means that the only way to healing is to be healed from the inside!

Deep in your soul, you may be feeling a great emptiness and uncertainty. You may be feeling compelled to measure up to the standards of other people, while at the same time, not being able to measure up to your own sense of wholeness.

You try to be strong, yet it seems you could never be strong enough. You even try to be good, but you could never be holy enough.  You are always followed by your sense of shame, and so you hide yourself with masks of perfection and of beauty.   Beyond that mask however, you feel inadequate, and tired of trying over and over again.

JUST STOP your frantic efforts to keep up with others. Healing begins when you are able to face your worst pictures of yourself and still believe that you are worth something great, no matter what!

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