Tuesday, 8 November 2016


We hear, read about, attend seminars on how we could grow our businesses, but how many of us put that same effort to grow our hearts- which is actually the real us? You cannot expect your business to grow without making efforts to research and find better ways to actually see that it grows and gets better than it was when you started. Likewise, you cannot expect to experience changes and transformations without making efforts- research, read books, seek true spiritual help to really ensure that your heart grows to become a best you! 

We are spiritual creatures, and as such, it is important that we allow our spirits to grow and flourish, that we allow ourselves to take healthy risks that challenge who we are today, that we allow ourselves to feel compassion, empathy, and oneness with others and open ourselves up to them even if there is a chance that it might not turn out as we would like it to. Even if our bodies become static, our spirits are meant to be dynamic- ever growing, ever expanding, ever changing, ever blooming. And our spirits are created to be strong and resilient- even when risks do not turn out as we hoped they would, our spirits can learn and grow from taking them.

Grow your heart- allow your spirit to expand and learn from the many lessons available in your life. 

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