Tuesday, 1 November 2016


There are many ways to lose your sense of self-esteem and I am not going to talk about them, what's important to me is to find better ways you can improve on yourself and maintain your self worth. So I did a research and found out some amazing ways that you could become a better you! I will be dishing these points out every day. It surely is worth it! Here goes:

1. Know your purpose 
Are you wandering through life with little direction - hoping that you'll find happiness, health and prosperity? Identify your life purpose or mission statement and you will have your own unique compass that will lead you to your truth north every time.

This may seem tricky at first when you see yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation. But there's always that little light that's shining, and that could be all you need to make a big difference in your life. 😊

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