Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Are you going through an identity crisis? Do you feel you are not capable and qualified? Do you wonder what "the other guy" who succeed seem to have that you don't have? All you see is your own sorry existence, questionable pasts and mistakes, difficult personality and  rusty skill?  

Well friend, I have good news for you. What matters is what GOD has seen in you and said concerning you. GOD sees you capable, qualified and able to achieve greatness. GOD does not ever joke with you. Where others see you weak, GOD uses it to confound the wise and make you to soar upon your highest places. 

I want you to know that GOD is faithful, merciful, extremely loving and kind and HE keeps every of HIS promises. What GOD says HE will do, HE does and no one ever questions HIM, not even the naysayers! GOD will never forsake you when you run to HIM. 

GOD is strong enough, loving enough, trustworthy enough, and present enough to accomplish anything HE calls you to do! And just in case you ever wonder what GOD could possibly be thinking when HE calls someone like you, read the "sheepherder's" (Moses) eloquent farewell speech (the whole book of Deuteronony). You will find a man so transformed by a lifetime of seeing what only GOD can do that he doesn't spend a minute bringing up what he can or cannot do! Only GOD can change any situation at all! 

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