Saturday, 26 November 2016


It is easy for us to notice the things we have received- especially those things that are tangible and of value. It is also easy for us to give attention to the things we have not received but perhaps hoped for- our goals, dreams, and ambitions. However, it is much harder for us to keep in mind all those things from which we have escaped-harmful things, hurtful things, difficult things that would have burdened our hearts and minds- and to feel a deep sense of gratitude that we have been spared such suffering, that those things have not been a part of our lives. 

Never let your problems outweigh your thankfulness, even though sometimes, it may be difficult to feel a sense of gratitude in the midst of lack and unhealthy circumstances. But the truth is,  if we are able to keep in mind the difficulties and obstacles that we have escaped, and feel a sense of appreciation for having avoided their presence, we have increased the positive and reduced the influence that those problems could have had in our hearts, minds and lives. 

We can never have too much gratitude in our lives. It is such a wonderful thing to see every situation through the eyes of thankfulness. And once we begin to see things around us through this lens, even the pain and the suffering, the difficulties and the hardships, begin to have a deeper meaning and hold powerful potential for growth in our lives.

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