Thursday, 24 November 2016


In the cause of my life,I reaslied that there was always a "disconnect in my communication with others". They either misunderstood me or picked quarrels because of what I said through text message or word of mouth.

We depend so much upon words to express our desires and feelings, that rarely do we stop to consider just how ineffective those words tend to be. Not only do the intentions of our words get misunderstood, but often times they create conflict in our lives or the lives of others. Rarely do the words we speak capture the true feelings we wish to convey, and more often than not, come across quite differently than we had intended them to. 

Because of this, I started practicing and developing the skill of using my words so that I can improve their effectiveness in properly expressing my thoughts and feelings. 

Someone knows what I am talking about? All you need to do is start practicing and developing your skills of communicating your true thoughts. 

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