Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Sensitivity is an issue which has different connotations, interpretation and different understanding. I believe people's background and experiences also affect their level of sensitivity. being sensitive to me means I understand the other person's needs and therefore act accordingly to ensure my actions are in due consideration to that person's needs. Also being sensitive could  mean you react delicately and more personal to different issues.  I see sensitivity as a good aspect of any human because you tend to  understand people a lot easier, care for both their immediate needs which are either emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You put yourself in people's shoes, and the tendency to judge them only based on your own mindset diminishes. I think I'd rather be a sensitive person than not. 

A lot of people may think that being sensitive makes you prone to hurt, pain and disappointments. But I strongly believe being sensitive makes you more accommodating, loving and everything else not being sensitive doesn't represent. Have you being in a situation where the sensitive part of you helped you make the right decision whether personal or not? 
Have you also being in a situation where you wished you didn't allow sensitivity to take the better part of you?
How enlightening It will be to learn from each other's experiences!

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Ajepe Baba said...

YES, GOOD POST....lord make me more sensitive to be more accommodative.. amen..