Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Hey Ladies.... I would love to share with you some real good stuff I got from my research. As much as we love to hear our men say sweet words to us, they are also moved by what we say to them as well. Though most men are expressionless unlike women, we show our emotions, just the way we feel, men are more of actions. Men are human beings and as such they love to hear you compliment them for a "job well done" like:

I am proud of you:

Because your man is always out there working to ensure that his family is comfortable, give him some kudos by telling him that. He will be so pleased to do more knowing that someone as special as you sees his efforts and appreciates them. Do not just act like that is his duty to fend for his family, after all, there are men out there, who do not even care about how their family are fairing. So, boost his ego and appreciate him by telling him how proud of him you are. You will see him in action.

I love the way you take care of me:

If your man takes good care of you and makes you feel like a queen, do not hesitate to let him know that. Men who take good care of their women would like to hear such compliment coming from the woman. It gives them the satisfaction that they are doing a great job because your welfare is of utmost concern to him.

I love your strength:

Men love it when they notice that their women see them as their hero or champion. So many times I have told my husband this and I see him want to protect me at all times. You do not want your man to feel less or have a glimpse that you see him less, that will kill his soul especially if he is the one that loves you and goes all out for you. Appreciate his strength whenever he does some stuff for you and also when you are intimate. Let your man hear you say you love his strength, you will see he will become your "knight in shinning armour".

The magic word "Thank You":

This is a compliment that we all love to hear. How do you feel when your kind gesture is returned with a heart warming thank you? Your answer is as good as mine. Given another opportunity, you would want to do more. That is the way our men feel when they hear us appreciate their love, care, kind gestures, protection, affection with the magic word, thank you. Some women feel that it is their mens' duty, but the truth is that your man might be longing to hear you at least thank him for that kind affection. Because of the mens' busy nature, they are not always around to help us out with some chores, but whenever he makes out time to wash the dishes, thank him for helping you out. He will do more next time given another opportunity.

You look good:

We feel on top of the world when our men tell us how good we look after dressing up for work or to an event. I love to hear my husband tell me those lovely words like , "baby you're beautiful, I love what you are wearing, even though I know. But hearing that from him  boosts my confidence and makes me feel on top of the world, knowing that the most important person in my life has admired and appreciated me. That is how our men feel also. Admire the things you love about your....his dressing, his looks, his disposition, etc. He will always strive not to disappoint you.

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