Monday, 22 December 2014


The more you learn and teach, the more you break limitations and create greater platforms for life improvement.... 

Learning is one attribute of great achievers. Due to the constant change of the human body and the environment, it becomes very necessary to constantly renew yourself by learning new ways of doing things which I call ‘’survival skill’’. 

Perceptions are formed as well as changed when you expose your mind to relevant information through learning and reading. The wider access to information you have, the more fine-tuned your perception will become. The life of continuous learning is one of the attributes and character of people who lead in different capacities because they understand that the moment they stop exposing their minds to updated information as the society and industry evolve, going obsolete will become a natural outcome of that intentional or unintentional  ignorance.  What this means, then, is that, if we are not constantly learning as we go about our day-to-day business, then each day we are getting further and further out of touch with the demands of the modern working world. 

Therefore as you experience your environment and all that comes with it, be willing to be taught as much as you are ready to share your thoughts, taking every step of enthusiasm to continually be on top of your game, learning and honing new skills that will in time distinguish you from the usual and above all, moving you closer and closer to fulfillment as you carry out your life task with diligence and tenacity of purpose.  It is also important to prioritise your learning to be in sync with your most anticipated outcomes, by so doing you have attached some level of value to the learning process.  It also involves making sure that we have, as far as possible, the knowledge and skills required to carry out our duties appropriately and filling any gaps in our knowledge base and skills repertoire as these become identified. Learning is very important as long as you are alive. know that nobody is above learning.  If you shut yourself out from learning, you have shut yourself out from knowing.

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