Tuesday, 9 December 2014


The story of the woman with hemorrhage recorded in the synoptic gospels is very pathetic but didactic. It conveys a great moral lesson on the power of thoughts. It is very glaring from her biography narrated in the gospels that nothing in life changes until thoughts are altered. Everything works according to the frequency of thoughts released by man. She had spent all her estate yet there was no amelioration in her state. Despite the care of many medical experts and professionals her case grew worse. Until she changed her thoughts healing never came forth. 

Lives change because men think right. Things equally get worse because men simply don’t think. Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts become things. The world around us existed first in the realm of thoughts. This woman not only lost her wealth, dignity and affluence; her relatives and friends abandoned her. As long as she kept thinking negatively, her illness worsened, her finances dissipated, until she became derelict. The negative frequencies of her thoughts attracted more seepage and drove friends away from her. Thoughts make you loved, wanted or left to rot in isolation.

It’s obvious that she didn’t stink because of her disease but her pessimistic thoughts of never recovering made her ooze with rotten stench. Your thoughts create an aura around you. Thoughts wear on you a perfume that attracts the world to you. Thoughts are like colorful scented flowers it will attract for you whatever you desire. It is time to change your thoughts. The time is now. Things don’t get better until you fine tune the quality of thoughts that you allow. Sixty thousand thoughts go through the mind every minute; it’s your onus to choose the once to cogitate on.

The frequency of her thoughts changed when she heard about Jesus. The things we hear, see and watch affect our thoughts. Faith for her healing came when she selected the right stories of people with worse off cases who got healed.

As soon as her thoughts changed, her talking changed and she was healed. Thoughts build faith in us to change our predicament. If we don’t think the right thoughts, we will keep talking gibberish. Thoughts are so powerful it can change who you are, where you are and take you where you long to be. There is no height in life that you cannot reach if you will learn to fly first from your thoughts. 

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Ajepe Baba said...

Yes Dear, AS MAN THINKETH SO HE IS....Says the Word of God..I am starting to take more care of my Thoughts recently....