Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I sometimes wonder how life would have been were I the only one living on the planet. The thought of it is Inexplainable. The world would have been terribly lonely. Imagine how lonely Adam was when his only company were the animals. No wonder GOD said "it is not good that the man should be alone". HE knew that Adam would not have survived another day alone,  that was why  HE made him a companion,  Eve.

However, GOD understands the importance of family.  HE understood that Adam could not function without family.  That is why family is very important.  In other words, no man is an island. You cannot be so wealthy or too important to not want to involve yourself in the family. I have seen a lot of people who do not joke with their families and I have seen people who have said they can do without "family". It is only a matter of time, they come crawling back.  

Someone once said, that it is important to remember what life is all about - the love of family.  Truly, the love of family can never be over emphasised.  The family unit is as precious as a  new born baby. It needs love, nurture,  care, support to be able to stand undivided. We do not expect to have a strong family base if we are not willing to give our best, our time, love, care, support, affection. The man and wife must be firmly knitted together before they can have a strong family base. It is very important that they have each others interest at heart so that when the children start coming,  they will grow up to become family conscious. Of course, they will learn all that it takes to be a lover of family.

Also,  Let us remember our roots where we all are coming from.  Let us carry each other along. Try not to leave any one behind. Family is the base where which our existence was found. No matter where we find ourselves,  in our respective homes, let us remember we all came from  some where and as such, should always be in touch with our families. Your family will always be there for you.

As we build our own families, let us not forget to carry one another along and build one another up. 

Picture credit: Alexbruda

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