Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Relationship is a condition of being connected or related. We were created to connect and do life together with people. God said "I will make him a helper..." This word "helper" doesn't imply a house help doing chores, but a person that connects with you in the journey of fulfilling your assignment. Man was never designed to be alone or isolated; man is designed for community, connection, and relationships. 

Living without meaningful relationships is unhealthy and catastrophic. The fact that some folks have experienced bad and hurtful relationships doesn't validate a decision never to connect or relate to others again. 
Today's social media era of facebook, twitting, and other social media platforms have twisted the effect of connecting so much that you might be hooked up on all the networks and yet experience a vacuum created by deep loneliness. 

Key Facts About Relationships

God First: 

Fundamental, deep, meaningful relationship starts with God. Man was made to relate with God first and then with others. That order of priority sets in motion life circumstances that bring fulfilment from relating with other people because wisdom and uncommon amplitude is available. 

Determines the outcome of your life: 

The connections we make with people plays a key role in the outcome of our lives, future and destiny. Certain schools of thought will encourage you to choose your friends which is ideal, but I encourage you to prayerfully choose them such that the sharpening you will get will be in sync with your purpose.

A Blessing or a curse:

A lot of people have made connection with the wrong persons and it altered the cause of their lives which made them to go off tangent; while a lot of people cannot share their success adventure with you without mentioning key people that made inputs and contributed significantly to their growth and development. It becomes very interesting to know that at certain junctions of their lives, men, women, life circumstances were occastrated to help them...Powerful!!!  

It requires work: 

A successful relationship will cost you; a phone call may be all you need even when you're tired. It's a futile venture expecting your relationships to blossom without making efforts and sacrifices. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Most of the time you need to win trust from people, not because they don't want to trust you, it might just be that their experiences have in simple terms formed a perception in their minds. It might not be easy to follow through all of that, but as the spirit leads you, don't hesitate to offer that seemingly little help. Personally, I have seen little acts of kindness replicate themselves in multiple dimensions. 

Aspire to Inspiration: 

Develop  only relationships that correct, motivate, develop, and stairs up the verve to aspire to inspirations. Don't be sentimental about this because it will determine the turn out of your life.

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