Wednesday, 17 December 2014


The course of any life depends on the right or wrong use of words. Words create for us the path we take in life. Rich or poor, great or small, success or failure, our words are custodian of our everyday life. Life or death comes from the kind of words that we speak. There will be no need for suffering, poverty will be unnecessary if men everywhere will use the power of words to their advantage. No contrary winds and storms of life however great are strong enough to conquer the man who has the right words in his amour.

We live in a world sculpted and created by the spoken words of God. We can only make our lives, change our environments and the things we want to see by the words we constantly speak. Great minds the world over rule by words. The right words puts us in charge over the circumstances of life as the wrong words imprison us and take us captives by the little events of day-to-day existence. We compel men, circumstances and events to submit to us if we use the right words.

Joseph became the prince among his brothers because he spoke the right words. E. W. Kenyon submits for further evidence that; “the secret of advancement in life lies in the ability to say the right kind of words.” Dreams and visions die because the right words are not planted. Nothing is accomplished in some lives as a result of fear of the unknown. People don’t get anything out of life because they say nothing. Ideas never sprout because of mere impediments and adverse confrontations. Since they are not watered with the right words, they fade as soon as they spring up.

In spite of the oppositions from his family members, Joseph became prime minister in a foreign land without a god father or any political structure. Though he was hated for his too many dreams yet he never stopped talking the future he saw every night he went to sleep on wooden beds. He just kept muttering to himself day and night: “My dad, my mum and my brothers will bow down to me someday. 

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