Thursday, 11 December 2014


Often times I have come across people who feel that they are not as fortunate as others.  And I feel bad seeing them do less or not even contribute at all to their society because of what their environment or society had turned them into. But on one on one encounter,  these same people prove to be no where at all, what the society calls them. They seem to be more open and more lively and have a lot to offer.

This is a case of a little girl who was unfortunate to have become a victim of life challenging circumstance, and when everyone else had given  up on her, after series of encounters with the right people who helped her come back up,  and groomed her into knowing how special and valuable she is, no matter what the society thought of her, she decided to let her past go. 

Right now, this little girl, whom the society termed incapable has grown into a strong and confident woman. That is why it is very important not be in a hurry to throw away someone, just because you feel that person does not meet up to the society's standard or the person do not have anything to offer.  Do not be surprised when that same person becomes a "master". 

The truth is everyone is special and unique. Everyone has one hidden talent or the other. We all are specially gifted in our own special way. Some people only  need a little time and efforts to be discovered.

I just want you to know you are special and there is only one you. And there is a special thing about you that even the wealthiest person in this world does not have. 

Let us keep up the good work my friends. Yes we can!

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Ajepe Baba said...

Yes my dear, GOD has no Human Trash Can...He created us Fearfully & wonderfully...When there is Life, there is HOPE....